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Cyclonic Vacuums: Why Do They Work So Well!

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Cyclonic vacuums retain their power much better than bagged systems. Traditional vacuums use a bag or filter system that gets clogged shortly after use. Clogging reduces suction power.

How Does It Work
The patented cyclonic vacuum technology sends an air stream through one or more cylinders along a high speed spiral path. The motion works like a spinning top. As the air stream shoots in a spiral, all of the dirt particles are whipped away from the air stream. In this way, dirt is extracted without using a filter. Dirt collects at the bottom of the cylinder.

How To Measure Vacuum Cleaner Performance
In North America, the usual way to measure the power consumption of a vacuum cleaner is in watts. Sometimes the manufacturer will state the figure in amps instead of watts. If the power is stated in amps instead of watts multiply the figure by 120 to get watts. For example, a 16 ampere machine will put out 1920 watts (16*120). You get more power input with more watts, but it is also important to know what you are getting on the end of the hose.

The power required to run the machine and the power at the end of the hose are two different things. The power at the end of the hose is called air watts. Air watts measured at the vacuums motor can differ up to 50% from the watts measured at the end of the hose. You may contact the manufacturer to get the air watts for your vacuum.


Hoover Ditches Dyson

Hoover wouldn’t give it the time of day. They laughed at it. They said: “Bags are best. Bags will always be best.” Then they copied it. Source: James Dyson (cyclonic technology inventor).
A new cyclonic vacuum is an easy way to improve your home cleaning. There are lots of types of cyclonic vacuums. We will be adding more cyclonic vacuums. Please email us if you have any questions.




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